There are so many different delivery systems, from CBD topical products, capsules, sprays, balms, lotions…how do you choose?!

Here are some helpful hints.

Many people are finding support for a healthy stress response by using CBD products. Generally, these folks are using internal CBD products, like capsules.

Keep in mind, that CBD products may contain some amount of THC, that chemical which causes a sort of “euphoria” which many people don’t want to experience. And, if the levels of THC are high enough, this crosses the threshold into it being a product that 1) may possibly show up in a drug test and 2) gives that “high” feeling. ¬†Again, lots of people don’t want either of these things.

These kinds of products with higher THC levels are often found in marijuana dispensaries and not the type of product you will find in reputable supermarkets and natural products stores. Products in these types of retail stores generally carry CBD products that abide by the law which states that 0.3% THC is permissible to sell in a retail setting. This amount, for most people, does not impart that same sort of “high” feeling but may help support a healthy stress response and a sense of calm. Sign me up!

Will this lower amount of THC, at 0.3%, appear in a drug test if taken internally? In my experience the jury is out. If you do work in an environment that drug tests employees and if you 100% do not want any THC in your system…look for Broad Spectrum CBD products which are supposed to have zero THC or, simply do not use a CBD product.

And yet, the emerging research suggests that at least some THC in the CBD product may offer more comprehensive support.

OK, so what about the topical products?

Many people are using topical products to support a healthy inflammatory response and healthy movement. Similar to using an arnica product, Tiger Balm or other such topical for temporary relief.

And in the topical category the balms tend to use oil as a carrier, the lotions are a little more “watery” in their texture and the topical sprays often dry fairly fast. Find your best match with a little experimentation.

If you want to sample the original Canna Joint Relief balm let us know! We’ll send you a small size to check out.

And, as always, I suggest starting small. Like 10-20 milligrams for the internal products and 100-200 milligrams for the topicals. No need to go hog-wild into thousands of milligrams if you don’t need it. Right?!

Here’s to your health!

Julie Dennis Fox, Founder/Formulator of the Canna Joint Relief Family of Products