Winter Approaches

Prepare Now for the Season to Come

Although we’re still enjoying fruit from the vine, sunshine overhead and warm summer weather, winter is right around the corner. One strategy is to prepare now, for the season ahead. Let’s go in to the winter season ready and strong! Read on for ways to help support our natural healthy balance, all year. The pillars of health never change.


It’s no joke. Getting deep, nourishing sleep is one of the best ways we can help support our overall health. Lack of sleep can trigger a chain of chemical reactions that may challenge many things, including a healthy immune system.

Consider this. Many of us are living in a fast-paced, technologically based world which can greatly affect our sleep patterns. For example, how many of us are up too late, scrolling through headlines, or Facebook, maybe watching YouTube or Insta-videos…That’s a lot of data and images barraging us one after another. The glare of the screen may affect our sleep patterns and the constant changing of images and words…it’s a lot for the brain to take in, especially just before bed.

Let’s consider turning our technology off earlier. Also, consider black-out blinds. Reducing the amount of light-emitting devices in your bedroom, and limiting the amount of light from the outside, getting in, can go a long way in supporting a good-night’s sleep.


Our bodies require macro and micronutrients to function. The best way for most people to get those nutrients is from a range of healthy fruits and vegetables, oils, fats, proteins, and grains.

Bottom line. By eating a whole, healthy, organic diet we support our bodies abilities to function optimally. Which includes the immune system.

We know. We know. It’s so simple! We’re telling you things you already know, like sleep well and eat well. And truly, this is not rocket science. You know this already.

Well, we’re here to remind you!


Movement. Do what you can. Chair yoga, is this your jam? Jogging? Gardening? Yoga? Whatever, however, let’s do what we can to move. There is something to the saying, “use it or lose it”. Totally simplistic but, there’s some truth to it.

Again, you’ve probably been telling yourself to move more for years! You’re not alone. And it’s never too late to stretch to your right, reach to your toes, stretch to your left and get your groove on!

You got this!


Alright, it’s been a tough time for a lot of people these last recent years. Mental health may be a bit…off (obviously we’re not doctors so we always recommend working with a qualified healthcare practitioners).

You’re not alone. Fortunately, there are tools to help bring us back into balance. From mental health professionals, doctors, nutritionists, yoga retreats or even just one session on the mat. Call upon your tools, and consider expanding your tool kit with new modalities and fresh approaches.

Ultimately, our mental health may affect how our internal systems operate, including our immune response.


Beyond this comprehensive approach to health there are supplements that may also help support a healthy immune response. Some classics to consider include Elderberry, vitamins C, D and zinc.

The more we do to stay healthy overall, the better prepared we are to transition through all the seasons. And for overall health there is no magic bullet. The best approach is a comprehensive approach.

The great news is that the more healthy things we do, the more we want to do!

It is one wild ride…enjoy!