Supporting Mental Health with Botanicals

Mental health is at the forefront of many peoples’ minds after quite a stretch of challenging years. This short video highlights botanicals which can help support an uplifted mood.

Canna Joint Relief founder and formulator, Julie Dennis Fox, gives you an overview of herbs you can start using ASAP. And not a moment too soon! Let’s uplift our moods and make everyone’s days a little easier and kinder.

Some of the botanicals reviewed include those from Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese herbalism but many of them discussed included botanicals that may be growing in your backyard. In fact, one of the featured botanicals is wild oats. Wild oats grow almost everywhere and they are an often overlooked “weed”. But, they do contain minerals and nourishment for mental wellbeing. They’re easy to find, easy to harvest and offer soothing support.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to incorporate some of these botanicals to help provide gentle, natural and organic support. Some of the herbs discussed include wild oats, California poppy as well as bitter herbs and ancient formulations.

Although ultimately we want to support overall health and well-being by living well, which means a nutritious and balanced diet, rejuvenating sleep and exercise. There really is nothing better then a healthy lifestyle for longterm maintenance. But, there are times when we need just a bit more help. This is where botanicals can come in handy.

Julie is an herbalist who began her botanical journey at the age of 15. At this young age she began working at a health food store in Southern California. From this young age she made it her mission to help others discover the power of plants.

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