Herbal Support for Mental Wellbeing

In the best of times maintaining a calm demeanor and healthy stress response can be challenging. Now add a pandemic, social unrest and political upheaval. And voila, mental health can become an issue.

Of course the best way to support overall health, including mental health, is a wholistic approach including nourishing sleep, nutrition, movement and calming practices. These are the fundamental pillars of health.

Botanical Support

Part of this healthy lifestyle can also include botanicals. It’s pretty common we consume botanicals throughout the day in small quantities. And honestly, this is one of the best ways to incorporate botanicals into your life. For example, add some parsley in your salad, crushed garlic in the dressing, a sprinkle of calendula petals for color and there you have it, a salad with healthy botanicals.

When it comes to botanicals to help support mental health well…this is a complex issue. We always suggest working with a qualified healthcare practitioner before making any changes to your health supporting protocols.

In this video you’ll learn about botanicals which may be a part of a wholistic approach to overall health, including mental health, with Canna Joint Relief founder and formulator, Julie Dennis Fox.