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Julie Dennis Fox

Julie Dennis Fox

Founder & Formulator

My passion for botanicals began while working in a health food store in the 1970’s, in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. By 15 years old I knew I would be working with herbs, likely, for the rest of my life. 

From that early age I made it my mission to inspire others to learn about and incorporate botanicals into their everyday lives.

Over 9 years ago I began making Canna Joint Relief while living in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. It was here that I started experimenting with cannabis infused formulations and extraction methods.

It took years of refining the formulation and extraction process before Canna Joint Relief ever saw the light of day.

I included botanicals with thousands of years of traditional usage as well as preliminary and emerging research. Combining the best of Science and Tradition.

The CBD is added to a blend of 95% certified organic, Non GMO botanicals which undergo a slow extraction process, called Extended Extraction.

I put my decades of experience and dedication into Canna Joint Relief. Bringing my best efforts to you.