It’s Spring! And naturally many of us start to think about doing a deeper cleaning inside our homes and also inside our bodies as well.

“Detoxing” as many people call it. But, is it really necessary?

Our bodies are so beautifully designed with natural mechanisms of detoxification. If we support these mechanisms with healthy habits, we support gentle, natural cleansing year-round and not just for one season.

Natural mechanisms of detoxification. Here’s what we know….

The kidneys, for example, The kidneys flush out toxins via urine so making sure we are getting enough water, will help support this cleansing action. It’s that simple. Stay hydrated.

Ok, we also have the liver, which some consider the largest organ of detoxification. The liver is a workhorse and does a lot of things including helping process toxins out of our bodies.

One thing we can do to support liver health and this natural cleansing action is to make sure we’re getting enough bitters in our diets, or taking a liquid bitter supplement, like Swedish Bitters from Nature Works or Digestive Grape Bitters from Planetary Herbals.

And no, you can’t bypass the bitter taste by swallowing a capsule. We must taste the bitter. It’s true. As soon as that flavor hits the tongue, digestive juices start to flow.

We can get that bitter flavor in our diet especially from leafy greens like collards, kale and dandelion greens.

Also, eating a healthy diet including plenty of fiber will help the colon evacuate. This certainly is one way to cleanse toxins from the body.

These are simple, easy things we can do to help support our body’s natural cleansing mechanisms…drink plenty of water, get fiber in your diet and support the liver year round for overall health and well-being.

Let’s Do This! Spring cleaning year round!