Monthly Health Tune-Ups

Supporting Healthy Habits

Every month, founder and formulator, Julie Dennis Fox, hosts live Monthly Health Tune-Ups covering a wide range of topics with the focus on helping you build on your daily healthy habits.

For example, in this particular video (link here) Julie gives a brief description and overview of the various CBD product options. There are so many different kinds of CBD products to choose from including balms, lotions, gels, patches and so much more. It can be pretty confusing! However, in this talk Julie will break it down for you in easy to follow information.

In this video she also talks about the amount of CBD to take. When you look at the CBD supplement product options you see a full range of CBD milligram amounts from as low as 5 milligrams to as high as 5,000 milligrams or more. That’s quite a range! So what is the optimal amount of CBD to take? To help clarify, check out this video here.

Monthly Health Tune-Ups Past and Future

Previous Monthly Health Tune-Up topics include natural ways to support a healthy inflammatory balance, stress response and uplifted mood. You can also access the library to learn more about the Canna Joint Relief family of products as well as educational information on hemp, cannabis and CBD.

She uses her decades of dedication and research to bring you the most up to date information so we can build on our daily healthy habits throughout our lives.

We are always updating our blog posts so check back for more Monthly Health Tune-Ups and continued coverage of your favorite health related topics.

And by the way, if you ever have any topics you want covered just drop us a note at We want to hear what you want!

Check out the library of topics here. Or visit Canna Joint Relief on our Youtube station here.

And, as always, we recommend working with a qualified healthcare practitioner before making any changes to your health protocols.